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‘Willkommen’ – to our very special brand of German hospitality

Out in the countryside, hospitality is a way of life!
The gates to Straßenheimer Hof swing wide open to welcome our guests, but they close again too, allowing you to work in peace and celebrate in private. We have made it our mission to deliver bespoke events personalised to your every need and to give you and your guests the ultimate in privacy.

Our understanding is global – our welcome local

We speak English, nous parlons francais, vi talar svenska, parliamo italiano but wherever our guests come from, they are all equally welcome.

With our network of speakers, specialists and advisers from an extensive range of sectors, we can harness the skills required to design your seminar, conference or workshop for you. Given who and where we are, we ‘naturally’ focus on agriculture, specifically on the entire farm-to-fork food chain. Our international guests in particular enjoy the experience of discussing farm management in the heart of one of Europe’s metropolitan regions.

Exclusive and discrete, our venue also offers VIP services on request. Our professional and yet comfortable and relaxing ambience lends itself perfectly to national and international events. We have the contacts you need and consider it our pleasure to be of assistance throughout your stay. Located in a privately owned agricultural setting in the metropolitan Rhine-Neckar region, we are a mere 45 minutes by car from Frankfurt International Airport.

A joy shared is a joy doubled

Straßenheimer Hof thrives on the interaction of people, animals and plants – a concept based on mutual respect and ongoing care and maintenance. This is how we have succeeded in carving out and sustaining a green oasis in the midst of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region.

We are happy when are guests are happy and when they immerse themselves so fully in the experience we offer that they wish to come back. At Straßenheimer Hof, you can feel the beating pulse of a natural living environment – a refreshing contrast to the hustle and bustle of city life.

Grüß Gott! As we Germans like to say!

Your host and on hand to assist and guide you with your private celebrations or your business event is Carmen Müller. With 15 years’ experience in the organisation of national and international events and adult education, Carmen and her team offer a single-source, full-service solution for events of all types and sizes. From the concept phase to the choice of speakers to participant registration and the organisation of your prime event or side event, including post-event analysis, we have all the skills you need. And we look forward to welcoming you here!

  • Carmen Müller
  • Managing Director
  • Ortsstraße 1
  • 68259 Mannheim-Straßenheim
  • Fon: +49 621 715 2903
  • Mobile: +49 1577 2524690
Carmen Müller straßenheimer Hof
Koch Auer -  Straßenheimer Hof

Business or pleasure? For our kitchen chef and high-end caterer Herbert Auer, you can be sure it will be a culinary event either way. Working closely with our clients, we map out an in-depth concept that fits your exact needs and expectations, making your event at Straßenheimer Hof an unforgettable experience. And when the sun shines, we are happy to serve dinner in our leafy green courtyard, too.

We pride ourselves on our local welcome – which means wherever possible we grow our own produce or source it locally from specially selected partners. Our wines, juices, spring water and beer, potatoes, strawberries, asparagus and herbs are all typical of our region.

  • Herbert Auer
  • Chéf de Cuisine
  • Inhaber des Restaurants "Platzhirsch" in Weinheim
Straßenheimer Hof - Tagungen

Business Venue

Are you planning a business event and need someone who can organise and host it to your exact specifications? Let us help you communicate your knowledge effectively by creating an environment that will enable you to focus fully on the contents of your seminars or on the group results of your workshops. Having the right framework fosters knowledge transfer, facilitates decision-making and stimulates discussions at conferences!

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Straßenheimer Hof

The defining characteristics of Straßenheimer Hof are its history, tradition and experience. A Frankish farming estate and cultural monument with a long-standing history. The town of Straßenheim dates back to the Franks and Romans and grew out of the outlying farming estate run by Lorsch Abbey. Coming back to the present, and to a time of advanced agricultural mechanisation, we have lovingly restored and carefully refurbished the buildings.

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Straßenheimer Hof - Willkommen
Straßenheimer Hof - Feierlichkeiten - Feiern Sie bei uns Ihre Festlichkeiten

Celebratory Events

Time is in short supply. And finding a date the suits everybody can be extremely difficult. However, once you have surmounted this obstacle, you can lean back and relax and focus your full attention on your relatives and friends. Put simply: If Straßenheimer Hof is your dream event location, we can work with you to make your dream come true. Customised to your needs and wishes, our recommendations are as individual as our guests!

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Outdoors it is growing and blossoming. Even the late spring seed is in soil. Time to make your team hum, too: from May to July (depending on the weather) you can pick up strawberries on our fields - in competition or as a natural wellness event. Here it is not only about quantity but quality which fits to the best – themed as: no sweet without sweat. Afterwards, the fresh fruits can be processed to delicious dishes by the participants themselves.

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Straßenheimer Hof- Aktuelles
Straßenheimer Hof- Catering


Every celebration is something special and deserves a unique setting. Family gatherings, parties with friends or a business celebration – let us inspire you and our culinary skills delight you! Together we can create the perfect setting for your event, whatever the occasion. With our extensive range of decorations, furnishings, music and entertainment equipment, as well as our excellent food and wines, you can count on the support you need at all times.

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